Dr. Muhamad Shamsul bin Ibrahim

Academic Qualifications: Mass Communication, PhD

Biodata (Brief):

Dr Muhamad Shamsul is dedicating more than half of his life to gain and to share knowledge. His career has never been easy, but his determination to achieve the epitome in education deserves some credit. He earned his doctorate degree from Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia. He currently a senior lecturer in Faculty of Business, Accountancy, and Social Sciences specializing in Mass Communication. Prior to joining KUPTM, he lends his passion and expertise in communication for several industries. He has successfully produced several journals and actively participates in local and international conferences.

Research Area: Mass Communication, Corporate communication

Research Project: Developing an instrument to measure student communication skill parallel to the industry demand.

Current Research

Completed Research:

Non-profit organization website quality influence user willingness to donate

Selected Publications in Journals:

Ibrahim, M. S., Hassan, M. S., Bakar, M. S. A., Yusuf, S., Rahman, N. A. A., & Ramli, N. S. (2018, October). Instrument development to measure the quality of a non-profit organisation (NPO) website.  In AIP Conference Proceedings  Vol. 2020, No 1, p. 020082. AIP Publishing.   

Ibrahim, M.S., Hassan, M.S., Adzharuddin, N., & Shamshudeen, R.I.          (2018). Descriptive analysis quality of quality features in the non-profit organisation (NPO) website. Global Media Journal, 7(1).

 Ibrahim, M.S., Hassan, M.S., Yusof, S., Ramli, N.S., Rahman, N.A.A., & Bakar, M.S.A.  (2018).  Instrument development to measure the non-profit organisation website user satisfaction and user willingness to donate.  Asian Journal of Social Science Research1 (1).

 Yusuf, S., Hassan, M. S., Samah, B. A., Ibrahim, M. S., Ramli, N. S., Rahman, N. A. A., & Osman, M. N. (2018). Parental Attachment and Cyberbullying Experiences among Malaysian Children. Pertanika Journal of  Scholarly Research Reviews, 4(1).  

 Rahman, N.A.A., Hassan, M.S., Osman, M.N., Waheed, M., Yusof, S., Ibrahim, M.S., & Ramli, N.S., (2018). Theoretical Analysis of Social Media Research in Malaysian Journals and Doctoral Dissertations from 2004 - 2015. Human Communication Journal, 1 (2).  

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