Dr. Elmi Bin Baharuddin

Academic Qualifications:

  • PhD in Islamic Studies (Dakwah and Leadership) UKM (2013)
  • Master of Islamic Studies (Dakwah and Leadership) UKM (2008)
  • Bachelor of Usuluddin (Dakwah) IAIN STS (2005)


Dr. Elmi Bin Baharuddin, a Senior Lecturer in Islamic Studies, at the Faculty Education, Humanistic and Art at Kolej Universiti Poly-Tech MARA Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. He earned her doctorate degree from UKM (2013) specializing in Dakwah and Leadership. Prior to joining KUPTM, he served at KPTM Bangi, 26 Mac 2008 until 31 Mac 2014 and had been with KUPTM KL for four years. Her research articles have appeared in many international and local journals.

Research Area:

Islamic studies, Spiritual Intelligence, Islamic leadership, social sciences, huffaz,

Working Experience
  1. KUPTM KL (1 Sept 2018–current)- Senior Lecturer Islamic Studies
  2. KUPTM KL (1 Sept 2016–31 Ogos 2018)- Deputy Dean SHSS
  3. KUPTM KL (1 April 2014–31 Ogos 2016)- Senior Lecturer Islamic Studies
  4. KPTM Bangi (26 Mac 2008–31 Mac 2014)- Lecturer Islamic Studies
  5. UPSI, Tg Malim (1 Jan 2011-31 Apr 2011)-Welcoming Lecturer Islamic Studies.
  6. UKM, Bangi (1 Jun 2007-31 Okt 2007) – Part time Lecturer.
  7. Darul Fuqaha, Bangi (1 Jan 2006–31 Dis 2007)- Teacher Huffaz al-Quran
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